Contacting EWGS

Mailing Address
Eastern Washington Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 1826
Spokane, WA 99210-1826
General Inquiry:
Board of Directors
President: Patricia Bayonne-Johnson
Vice President: Mary Holcomb
Treasurer: Dianne Bongarts
Recording Secretary: Sonji Ruttan
Corresponding Secretary: Evelyn Small (Carpenter)
Past President: Donna Potter Phillips
Librarian: Juanita McBride
Member-at-Large: Lola McCreary
Historian: Duane Beck
Trustee: Dolly Webb
Trustee: Patricia Ayers
EWGS Registered Agent: Charles Hansen
F.G.S. Delegate: Donna Potter Phillips
W.S.G.S. Delegate: Vacant
Committee Chairpersons
Digital Digest Coordinator: Nancy Todd
Digital Digest - Editor: Douglas Floyd
Education: Evelyn Wilhelmson
Education (2): Donna Potter Phillips
EWGS Researcher: Charles Hansen
Greeter: Anthony Birch
Greeter Asst.: Janette Birch
Historian: Duane Beck
Hospitality: Mary Holcomb
KSPS Liaison: Michael Chandler
Spokane Library Co-Liaison: Barbara Brazington
Spokane Library Co-Liaison: Dolly Webb
Library Volunteers Chairman: Dolly Webb
Assistant Librarian: Barbara Brazington
Membership Chairman: Jennilyn Weight
New Member Contact: Kent Aggers
Online Resrch Class Coordinato: Vacant
Outreach : Donna Potter Phillips
Program Chairman: Barbara Jolly
Publicity: Vacant
Walking with Ancestors: Vacant
Ways & Means : Deborah LeGrand
Ways & Means (2): Debbie Golding
Web Manager: Judith McDonnell
Assist. Web Manager: Bill Hire
Web Manager II: Diane Boyd
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