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Monday, December 1
VALLLEY CLAN DIGGERS  (Genealogy Group Meetings)
Valley Clan Diggers Group: The Valley Clan Diggers is a group of ladies that meets once a month in different members' homes for the purpose of sharing in their genealogical pursuits. In the beginning its members all lived in the valley -- hence the name Valley Clan Diggers. However, the membership is not limited to the valley.
The purpose and goals for the group were discussed: sharing current projects, helping each other with ancestral "dead-ends", car-pooling to workshops, and occasional field trips. At times we would invite a guest speaker who had expertise in a certain specialized area. Anyone who feels that such a group would meet their needs, and especially if you live in the Spokane Valley, you are welcome at the Valley Clan Diggers wholeheaterdly!

Contact Alice Hostetter (928-4198) Donna Jean Carnegie (926-8985) for more information.

Saturday, December 6
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library Auditorium, Downtown Spokane
Presenter: EWGS Members
Super year-end event.  Our EWGS members will share stories and tips from their own experiences.  They will tell us about their research rewards and the excitement of learning details about their ancestors. Also combined with this program will be a "show and tell" session.  
Door Prizes!!
Cookies and coffee time begin at 12:30 p.m.  Meeting starts at 1:00 p.m.
Holiday break; bring 18 or 24 of your favorite holiday goodies. No store bought please. If there is a story like Great grandma's spritz, please write a recipe card and the history.  Don't forget to sign your name, and add it to your plate. Plans are to make a EWGS cook book.

Can't bake? Don't worry there will be plenty, relax and enjoy, this is a party.

Display of family treasures that might just give you some ideas of what to do with those ephemera us genealogists collect.

If you have something you would like to share please contact Mary Holcomb or call 327 5337. We want to have plenty of space to display our treasures. And more treasures are needed.

Thursday, December 11
Family Tree Makers Users Group  (Genealogy Group Meetings)
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Shadle Park library
Shadle Park Library meeting room on the second Thursday of the month from 3:00 p.m. To 5:00 p.m.  We will be
using FTM 2014.  We will be meeting right after the Ancestry users group.
Please contact Sonji for additional information.  

Sonji Ruttan

Monday, December 15
ROOTS MAGIC GROUP  (Genealogy Group Meetings)
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
John Wilson's Home
We have been enjoying learning what we can do with RootsMagic to preserve our research about our Family. We will meet on Monday, April 21, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30 at John Wilson’s home.  If you are interested please contact John Wilson via email at and he will give you the address and directions. 

Tuesday, December 16
Digital Digest Meeting  (EWGS Meetings)
10:15 am to 11:30 am
Spokane Public Library- Downtown - 3rd floor Genealogy Room
This group meets 4 times a year, just prior to the publication of The Digital Digest.  ALL and any members are invited to attend. If you are interested in participating OR would just like to give your input to the committee, please attend.  If you cannot attend, you can contact Dani Lee McGowan at:

Thursday, December 18
IRISH RESEARCH GROUP (IRG)  (Genealogy Group Meetings)
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Driscoll Blvd Baptist Church, 4815 Driscoll Blvd
For information contact Dani Lee McGowan.

Saturday, January 3, 2015
11:45 am to 3:00 pm
Come Join EWGS for Food & Fun!  Jan. 3rd, 2015, Timber Creek Buffet, 12 Noon
The Annual 2015 Luncheon for EWGS will feature lots of food and a fun program—great way to start the new year!
WHERE: Timber Creek Buffet, 9211 E. Montgomery Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA
                A meeting room has been reserved.
  No reservations needed. YOU pay at the door. Senior discount available.  Meal with your senior discount is $7.39.  Must be 55+ to qualify for discount. Members can start arriving at 11:45 a.m.  Serve yourself.
Presenter: Kim Morgan from the Kootenai Co. Genealogical Society will present “Tall Tales, Ghost Stories & Wacky Family History.”
Kim says storytelling is a life-skill.  Story writing is an essential next step in honoring those we know and those we remember only through the mists of memory.  Write your story before it’s lost.  Learn the basics of family history writing as creative nonfiction.
Kim is widely experienced in the fields of personal research and teaching.  She holds both an MA, English and MAT degrees.  Kim’s career began as an English professor at Gonzaga U. and NIC.  At age 13, she recorded oral history from both her grandmothers, and so began the search for her ancestors and their stories.  As an Adjunct instructor at NIC, she teaches courses on Creative Writing for Family Historians.  She loves teaching and ancestral research and continues to offer free “Finding Your Ancestors” Workshops at Hayden Library.  Her special interests are Colonial America and also Research Online with Digital Resources.   Check out her website  Finding Ancestors at the Hayden Library

Saturday, February 7, 2015
Posting your family in FamilySearch Family Tree  (EWGS Meetings)
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library Auditorium (downtown)
Sherri Dewitt will discuss the ins and outs of posting your family in FamilySearch Family Tree software.
12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Coffee and social time.  Meeting starts at 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Spring Meeting: Find your Research Tools  (EWGS Meetings)
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Country Homes Christian Church
We will have our spring meeting at the Country Homes Christian Church.  There will be book sales and two great presentations!
Jim and Debbie Johnson will be coming from the Heritage Quest Research Library in Sumner, WA.  They will bring their huge book sales shop.
Jim will us a presentation.
POTLUCK:  Please bring a potluck dish for this meeting.  Members whose last name begins with:
Appetizers and Salads: Q-Z               Entrees: I - P                 Desserts: A-H

Saturday, April 4, 2015
SPRING SEMINAR  (Special Events)
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Bring a sack lunch for this one!  You won't want to miss this Seminar.
Janet Camarata and Winona Laird from the Genealogy Training Center in Tacoma, WA will share a 4-topic day with us.
Future of Genealogy
Discover Your Ancestor's Story in Their Records
Discover Your Ancestor's Story in Their Photos
Calculating American Lives.

Saturday, May 2, 2015
TBA  (EWGS Meetings)
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library Auditorium, Downtown
Speaker Susan Faulker will give us a presentation.  Her presentation will be anounced soon!
Coffee and social time: 12:30 p.m. Meetint starts at 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 6, 2015
EWGS 80TH Birthday Celebration: What was Spokane Like in 1935?  (EWGS Meetings)
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library Auditorium, Downtown
Help us celebrate 80 years of keeping genealogy alive and exciting!
Guest Speaker, Garrin Hertel from Nostalgia Magazine will give us presentation and a look back on Spokane in 1935.
Refreshments and social time at 12:30 p.m. Meeting starts at 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, September 12, 2015
Organizing your Information  (EWGS Meetings)
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library, Auditorium, Downtown
Every wonder what to do with all those "genie" papers and information.  Wonder where you put that really importatn document?
Join us to learn how to get all this organized and YOU have control.
Cookies and social time at 12:30 p.m.  Meeting starts at 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, October 3, 2015
FALL SEMINAR  (Special Events)
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Country Homes Christian Church
Super seminar featuring Cyndi Ingle of Cyndis' List.
More details coming.
Potluck:  Bring a dish and enjoy a full day of learning and finding out new avenues for your research.
POTLUCK: Appetizers and Salads: I thru P         Entrees: A thru H           Desserts: Q thru Z
Costs: TBD

Saturday, November 7, 2015
The Generations Project  (EWGS Meetings)
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library Auditorium, Downtown
Learn about the Generations Project at Rockwood Retirement Center.
Brusan Wells will present the Generations Project will full explanations from the beginning.
Cookies and social time: 12:30 p.m.  Meeting starts at 1:00 p.m.