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The information for this database was primarily taken from the book Postmarked Washington : an encyclopedia of postal history covering eleven counties of eastern Washington based on the research of the late Guy Reed Ramsey and other sources. Bert Webber, ed. Fairfield, Wash.: Ye Galleon Press, c1987. [Spokane Public Library, Northwest Room: NW-R 383.49797 WEBBER]. Please consult the book for additional information concerning the history and personnel of these offices. The Northwest Room also has other publications concerning early post offices in Washington.
This database is a list of the employees of the Western Union office in Spokane abstracted from cards containing the records for employment from about 1889 to 1950. The cards were donated to EWGS by Mr. William H. Bateman of Spokane, a former employee of long standing with Western Union, and were abstracted by Jeanne Polumsky Coe. Unfortunately, these cards have been lost. Unless otherwise stated, the period of employment appears to be in the Spokane office, and the age is as of the date of original employment. A question mark following a date, name, etc. indicates that particular information was not clearly written. The original index was published in the EWGS Bulletin, v. 25, pp. 119-128, 1988; v. 26, pp. 193-202, 1989; and v. 27, pp,. 39-44, 106-110, 1990.